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Phrases for Telephone Conversation


Phrases for Telephone Calls

1. Hi, this is Jane.

2. (formal) May I speak with John Smith?

3. (informal) Is John there?

4. I’m calling about…

5. I’m returning your call.

6. (formal) One moment, please.

7. (informal) Hang on a sec.

8. He’s not here. Would you like to leave a message?

9. Could you ask him to call me back?

10. Thanks for calling.

Phrases for Asking for Information

1. Can you tell me…?

2. Could you tell me…?

3. I’d like to know…

4. Do you know…

5. Do you have any idea…?

6. Could anyone tell me…?
(use this phrase when asking a group of people)

7. Would you happen to know…?

8. I don’t suppose you (would) know…?

9. I was wondering…

10. I’m calling to find out…
(use this phrase on the telephone)