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Ten Business English Phrases
for Positive Performance Evaluations


The Greatest Idiomatic Expressions


Phrases for Asking for Someone’s Opinion

1. What do you think about…?

2. How do you feel about…?

3. What’s your opinion of…?

4. What are your views on…?

5. In my opinion…

6. I’d say…

7. Personally, I think/believe…

8. If you ask me…

9. The way I see it…

10. From my point of view…

Phrases for Invitations

1. Are you free… [Saturday night?]

2. Are you doing anything… [Saturday night?]

3. Let me check my calendar.

4. (informal) Do you wanna… [see a movie?]

5. (formal) Would you like to… [join me for dinner?]

6. I’d love to!

7. Sounds great!

8. I’d love to, but I have another commitment.

9. I don’t think I can.

10. Maybe another time.