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Interesting Phrases with Words TONGUE and COMMUNICATION



have a sharp tongue

Miss Austen had a sharp tongue and a prodigious sense of humour. (W. S. Maugham, ‘Ten Novels and Their Authors’, ch. III)


have a tongue in one’s head

If you didn’t know the way, you should have asked. You have a tongue in your head, haven’t you? (ECI)


loosen smb.’s tongue

George: “Are you sure you won’t have a drink?” Albrecht: “Do you think that might loosen my tongue?” (N. Coward, ‘Peace in Our Time’, act I, sc. III)


evil communications corrupt good manners

My aunt said I’d be wanting to go to the coal merchant’s next, and my uncle said: ‘Evil communications corrupt good manners.’ (W. S. Maugham, ‘Cakes and Ale’, ch. III)


a privileged communication

A privileged communication relates only to disclosures which a client makes to an attorney for the purpose of securing advice as to his legal rights. (E. S. Gardner, ‘The Case of the Screaming Woman’, ch. 15)



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