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Ten Phrasal Verbs About Socializing 




TOP-10 Phrases about Relationships & TV


Phrases for Describing Relationships

1. I’m single.
2. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
3. We’re engaged.
(= going to get married)
4. We’re getting married in June.
5. I’m married.
6. I’ve been married for… [10 years].
7. I’m divorced.
8. I’m widowed.
(= my husband/wife has died)
9. I’m not looking for anything serious.
10. I’m not quite over my ex.
(= I still have feelings for my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife)

Phrases for Talking About TV

1. Where’s the remote?
(remote = remote control)
2. Is there anything good on?
3. Can I change the channel?
4. I’ve already seen this episode.
5. This is a rerun.
(rerun = an old episode that was already shown on TV previously)
6. I love this show!
7. There are too many commercials.
8. Stop channel-surfing.
(channel-surfing = changing the channel quickly)
9. Check the TV guide.
(the TV guide has the information about the TV programming and schedule)
10. It’s the season finale!
(= the final episode of the season)



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15 Spoken Phrases with “NO” 



Common English Expressions with NO


no deal

Billy wanted to let Bob join the team but… it was no deal because Bob was too young.


no dice

It’s no dice, buddy, she doesn’t like you. (E. S. Gardner, ‘The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom’, ch. I)


no end

Bit of luck Landy’s ship putting in here unexpectedly. Cheered her up no end. (D. Cusack, ‘Southern Steel’, ch. LIII)


You can’t smoke in here. That’s a no-no.


in no case

In no case would such measures be justified.


have no bottom

Resources of popular wisdom have no bottom.


no can do
Want a guarantee? No can do!



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Ten English Phrases with the Word “Give” 



Give & Take Phrases



give a cast

So you can’t give a cast to this lassie? Well, I must take her on myself.


give a crack

‘Care for a dance?’ ‘I am not much good, but I don’t mind having a crack if you don’t mind.’


give a false colour to smth.

The yellow press often gives a false colour to the news it reports.


give a good account of oneself

…even if he set on me with two or three others, I should be able to give a reasonable account of myself.


give a hint of smth.

A small black cloud gave a hint of a coming storm.


take a back seat

I always thought I was joking folks… but I take a back seat for you. (W. Faulkner, ‘Collected Short Stories’, ‘A Bear Hunt’)


take a bath

I don’t mind losing a little money now and then, but I really took a bath this time.


take a dig at someone

She’s always taking digs at him.


take a dim view of smth.

Sandra: “Kala-Kala’s stronger than any faith. That’s why the missionaries took such a dim view of it.” (N. Coward, ‘South Sea Bubble’, act III, sc. I)


take a fall

The guy wouldn’t take a fall. He doesn’t have it in him.