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“Meeting The First Time” English Grammar

October 20, 2017 Grammar Bank, Grammar Bank Audio American, American English, American English Grammar Review, Articles, Bill and Larisa, Bill Green, Billgreen54, Blended Learning, Blended Learning Education, English lessons, English study, English Teacher, EnglishRead More…


How To Say “Goodbye” in English?

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What are nouns?

2,000 American English Noun Flashcards

What is a Noun? Grammar Review A noun is just one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea. ARead More…

Phrasal Verbs

Common Phrases in English

Idiomatic Phrases in Everyday English In the most extreme cases, there are expressions such as X kicks the bucket ≈ ‘person X dies of natural causes, the speaker being flippant about X’sRead More…

Business English Larisa

Business English Video Tutorial

Grammar video Business English is essential for every learner of a second language. Your job is important enough to make sure you know the right terms and phrases in business English. LearnRead More…

English phrases idioms Larisa

English phrases and idioms

English Grammar Video   Ten Phrasal Verbs You Probably don’t Know     Spoken English Phrases with “Up” and “Down”       English Grammar Video   Words that Look Similar but Sound Different    Read More…

American English Phrasal verbs

English Phrasal Verbs

Grammar Video   Ten Phrasal Verbs About Socializing        TOP-10 Phrases about Relationships & TV       Grammar Video   15 Spoken Phrases with “NO”      Common English Expressions with NO      Read More…

State and action verbs

State and Action Verbs

  Grammar Video   Verbs: State and Action     Common Phrases with Verbs “Believe” & “Cook”       Grammar Video   Prepositions: Difference between TO and FOR       The Best Phrases withRead More…